Grace Upon Grace | Rachel Frazier | FEAR NOT Devo

Rules have always been more of “guidelines” for me. “DO NOT TOUCH” was a suggestion. “DO NOT CLIMB ON THE ROCKS” was a dare. “WET PAINT” well, that was just asking for it. Although you might have your assumptions about me, I was more compliant than disobedient. Growing up, my love for acceptance outweighed my disdain for someone telling me what to do. I loved hearing “job well-done”, but at some point in my relationships with others, I realized that I would mess up and not deserve praise, but punishment. Growing up, I also realized that eventually grace runs out. When you fall short others stop giving you time to redeem yourself. When you mess up, the second chances add up until they can’t take it anymore. When we can’t fix a problem, people move on with the person that can. At some point as humans, we realize that no matter how tolerant or patient we are, grace comes to an end.

John 1:16 says, “16 For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.”

“Grace upon grace”, what a concept. No matter what we say and do, no matter how we act. Jesus doesn’t just give us grace to the threshold of what he can stand, but he gives us a grace that is never ending, grace upon grace. People will fail you. You will fail people. You will also fail God, but He will never fail you. His grace is unmatched and unending. Only through Him can we receive grace upon grace.

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